We believe you must experience Cuba before it changes. Therefore, our team of professionals have designed a number of well-balanced tours that would allow you to travel to Cuba Legally under a General Education People-to-people License.

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“Clem has been the guide for a dozen of my trips to Cuba with baseball aficionados and educators. Clients, many of whom are veteran travelers, count the experience with CAPs and Clem as among the highlights of their travel lives. His contacts are extensive in the worlds of sport, the arts and politics. His tours probe into the many complexities, contradictions, triumphs and tragedies of the Cuban reality.”
Kit Krieger, Cubaball Tours
“I have been traveling to Cuba with Clem for over 7 years. No one can negotiate the complexities and challenges of Cuba travel better. As a Cuban American, I would not take friends to Cuba with anyone else. He understands the history and the current status and puts it all in context for non Cubans. There is no other better experience or option.”
Margarita Kintz, Cuban American Policy