Our team of professionals has more than 15 years of experience in providing Cuba-related advice and in arranging specialized trips, organizing meetings, coordinating film & photography sessions, organizing sports-related events and competitions to take place in Cuba.
Our goal is to provide the experience that our guests expect to have in Cuba while engaging in a unique and meaningful travel experience. We will introduce our guests to the Real Cuba which will allow them to go back home with a better understanding of the complexity of the Cuban reality but also with the powerful memories of the Cuban music, rhythm, colors, streets noise and tasteful cuisine.


CAP’S TOURS believes that Cuba is much more than the closest “communist” country to the USA. It is a country of passionate, hard-working, entrepreneurial, resourceful, creative, helpful and fun people. We believe that the future of Cuba is  tied to the United States and to people in the USA who understand Cuba’s unique situation at present and, as importantly, understand the history that has led to this present.


We are a team of detail-oriented professionals that pride ourselves in providing clients with a once in a lifetime travel experience.

Clem Paredes Rodriguez


A Professional English-Spanish Interpreter, Clem started working as a Tour Guide in Cuba in 2001. Shortly after, he began arranging trips for clients who were very satisfied with his knowledge of Cuba, attention to detail and honesty. In 2009 Clem moved to Canada with his family and created CAP’S TOURS to continue showing his homeland to those interested in knowing the Real Cuba.

Damaris F. Fuentes


Organized and focused, Damaris makes sure all the reservations, bills and information are properly processed. Although a professional Chemistry Technician, she worked as a business manager for many years and is now indispensable part of CAP’S TOURS.

Sergio Ameneiro

Cuba Coordinator

For more than 15 years Sergio has worked in the travel business in Cuba, acquiring vast knowledge and developing a very unique and extremely useful network that allows CAP’S TOURS to arrange what others can’t.  Sergio is our Man in Havana.