Traveling to Cuba is different than almost any other sort of international travel you have done unless you have been to North Korea, Burma, Iran, Sudan or Syria. This is due to, mainly, the US Travel restrictions and to the Cuban internal regulations. Therefore, it is recommendable to travel with a person or agency that knows how things work and what to do in order to make sure you have a great travel experience and that your trip to Cuba can be educational, perhaps an eye-opening one. Hopefully you will return with a bit of understanding of Cuban history and its ties to the US, as well as Cuba’s reality today and the ramifications of the US embargo and travel ban.

We believe that when traveling to Cuba you will perceive the deep affection Cubans have for Americans and the richness of the Cuban culture.

This is an extraordinary time to travel to Cuba and experience some of the changes that are taking places and all that remains the same.  We are very happy that you are joining CAP’S TOURS on this adventure.  Please, come to Cuba with an open mind and heart, lots of patience and understanding that there is a …ahem…special rhythm to the island.